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North Royalton Community Emergency Response Team

Resilience Analysis

Want to learn more about the geography of North Royalton and surrounding areas? Curious about risks in in your neighborhood? There is public data available which can help you assess your location in order to be prepared. Use the RAPT to learn more. Click here or on the map below.

What is RAPT?

The Resilience Analysis and Planning Tool (RAPT) is a comprehensive tool developed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to assist individuals, households and communities in preparing for, responding to and recovering from natural disasters and other emergencies. It provides a systematic approach to assessing the current state of preparedness and identifying gaps that need to be addressed. With RAPT, users can identify their personal and community needs, develop an action plan, and create a timeline for implementing the plan. This tool allows individuals to better prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies by helping them to identify the resources and strategies they need to be resilient in the face of these events. It also facilitates the development of an action plan that can be implemented when a crisis occurs, while also facilitating better communication and collaboration between individuals, households, and communities. By using RAPT, individuals can be better prepared for natural disasters and other emergencies, and can be better equipped to respond and recover from them.

Click the map to visit the GIS website.